It is time for you to know Julio cocktails-
The next big thing in the area of portable cocktail's bars.
Julio cocktails takes the cocktails world one step forward with variety of design and quality possibilities and a cocktails van for your event.

While everyone is searching for the big attraction in thier party we have the solution: Trendy cocktail bar that is designed to suit your special event. 
Our professional Mixologists crew will be there to make your event the hottest thing around.

Let us take you to an unforgettable journey.


The cocktails and the glasses

Especially for you we have built diversed cocktail menu to suit anything you want.
In addition to the special flavours of the cocktails we made a great affort on their look. All of our cocktails has creative way of serving so every fotograph will be perfect.
we will select cocktails together, from our variety, and pair them with the right glass. 
We found the most unique and innovative glassed from around the world for your event.
From marvelous cristal glass, branded bamboo cups and special ceramic Tiki cups we have everything to make you the perfect cocktail.

The van
Julio cocktail's van is well designed to fit any kind of event
The van is painted in Luxurious white pearl combined with bright wood. The van is decorated with herbs and adible flowers that will take your cocktails to the next level
In addition we will decorate the van for your choice by adding the couple's name on it, branding of the event, hanging special flowers and any other creative decorations

The Stayling

Together with you we will choose the staff's appearance and clothing
Julio cocktails has variety of different looks and stayles, by this we allow the crew to adjust to the exact atmosphere that you want to creat

Ingredients quality

The key for the

success of the cocktails is the ingredients.
In Julio cocktails we dont compromise on quality so we make our own natural fruit concentrate and work with high quality alcohol products.

The crew

We believe that each abd every cocktails should get the full attention that it deserves for you to get the perfect cocktail.
Especially for that we have experienced and professional Mixologists crew to make sure everything is in place.

Mood and atmosphere

We here to make sure that the mood is on fire, and nobody doest is like we do!
We will blow the rooftop with you, to make you an unforgettable day.

In Julio cocktails we believe in "your event your choice" about everything
Your hopes and dreams are our number one priority
and we are here to fulfill them
Together we can make them come true.
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